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Professional Camera Inspection in Georgetown, KY

The Advantages of Our Camera Inspection Service

Plumbing systems can be endlessly stressful. Their problems can be extremely insidious, too. They can often pop up before you even get the chance to realize that something’s wrong. All Pro Plumber offers high-quality inspection services that can help customers keep on top of any and all possible plumbing concerns. We employ sophisticated cameras that can evaluate your drains and quickly pick up on any potential defects. Sewer line blockages are often responsible for plumbing issues. That’s because they sometimes encourage drain backups. Our experts can use visual means to assess the state of the sewer lines underground. They can do this with the assistance of video camera technology. This technology can help us accurately and efficiently pinpoint underground drain problems. If you want to figure out whether or not your underground pipes are in A+ shape, our professional inspection assistance is without a doubt the best solution.


Basic sewer line cleaning may be the solution.

Many factors can trigger drain sewer line obstructions. Tree roots are a possible factor. Drain sewer line cracking and crushing are other possible factors. Faulty pipe installation practices are yet another. Our company can provide you with an in-depth video camera assessment that can pinpoint precisely what brought on your headache-inducing obstruction. Our inspection findings can help you figure out exactly how to take action as well.

The solution may be straightforward. Basic sewer line cleaning may be the solution. Classic rooter service can in many cases take care of obstruction issues. If the cause is a bit more complex and involved in nature, we can also come up with an effective and helpful plan of action. Our customers never have to worry. They’re in good hands.

Replacement can keep those headaches out of your thoughts

There are many advantages to our exhaustive inspection service. Our inspection work can ensure that your sewer line obstruction receives the proper repair service. If you’re dealing with a cracking sewer line, you need to make sure to address it in the correct manner. Our inspection work makes it 100 percent possible to come up with the perfect solution.

Our inspections also eliminate the need for time-consuming guesswork. If you want to fix your sewer line issue correctly right off the bat, our camera assessments can give you that convenience. Our inspections can even be terrific for people who want to stop additional blockages.


Our camera sewer inspections can be useful for all kinds of life situations.

People sometimes contribute to sewer line obstructions. Their lifestyles and behaviors often trigger them. If you want to keep the horrors of a sewer line obstruction a bay, a little lifestyle tweak may be just what the doctor ordered. Remember, too, that re-trenching service can often cost quite a bit of money. Our professional inspections, last but not least, also give people the rare chance to confirm that problematic blockages do actually exist. Taking care of a sewer line obstruction isn’t the cheapest thing in the world. If you’re going to commit all of that money, you might as well confirm that the problem is real.

They can come in handy for people who want the peace of mind of regular maintenance, first and foremost. They can be a great thing for people who are thinking about purchasing brand new residential properties. If you’re on the fence about a specific home, conducting a camera sewer inspection may help you make a smart choice. Our inspections can even help people who are planning home renovation and remodeling projects. Reach out to All Pro Plumber as soon as possible to request more information about our in-depth, thorough and meticulous camera sewer inspections. Our inspections are the picture of detail-oriented, patient and all-encompassing.

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